As we make our way through busy, repetitive weeks, often times our minds begin to feel like they are functioning slower and losing alertness. This is because the brain needs exercise just as much as the rest of the body does. According to Victoria Xiao, TheLadders contributor, suggests that to ensure optimum and consistent performance, you have to learn to train the brain. Here are 12 tips to help boost your brainpower throughout the day:

Try working out during lunch hour.
Though many people prefer morning or evening workout sessions try a short midday workout session instead. It has shown to lead to improved cognitive abilities that pick you up from the dreaded afternoon slump.

Write more.
In an age of emails, instant messaging, and multiple device screens, change things up by hand writing something down on a notepad. This will shake up your thinking process and can give you more ideas.

Use your non-dominant hand to control the cursor.
It can make you think harder about what you’re doing.

Talk to your colleagues.
Although we don’t recommend that you become the office gossip, keep in mind that social activity does stimulate the brain.

Stand up and walk around.
You can even take a walk outside. Take the time to reflect on what has been taking up your thoughts and you will begin to better understand your own thinking process.

Improve your eating habits.
Food can boost critical thinking. Consider eating multiple, small meals/snacks throughout the day, rather than eating one big lunch. This increases your ability to focus as well as improving your metabolism.

Entertain yourself the smart way.
Take time to watch shows and movies that make your brain work to keep up with the plot.

Read the news.
Stay up-to-date with current events and feed your brain new information.

Use apps.
There is a wide variety of phone apps you can download to enhance your mental aptitude and improve your emotional health. Give Luminosity, CogniFit, and Happify a try.

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