When it comes to recruitment and hiring in 2018, you can’t afford to stand still. To keep up with competitors you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and develop effective strategies for making great hiring decisions.

In 2018, the biggest recruiting trends focus on technology and how it can be used to find, connect, engage, and even replace candidates. These are the five biggest technology trends that will impact HR in the next year.

1. Passive candidates: With the advent of social media, headhunting passive candidates no longer includes sifting through resumes on a career website. Instead, talent can now be found by searching keywords, hashtags or online groups. By engaging with passive candidates either in groups or individually, recruiters can get an idea of what they’re looking for in their next career and if they’d be willing to make a change.

2. A remote workforce: Working remotely, whether at home, a coffee shop or anywhere else where there is a Wi-Fi connection is a growing trend. According to Forbes, the number of employees who telecommute has quadrupled. The evolution of VPN technology and video conferencing tools make it easy for employees to stay connected from nearly any computer. This technology makes it possible to recruit from almost anywhere in the world, opening up a deep pool of candidates. Offering remote work opportunities is a tool that can be used to retain current employees and increase job satisfaction through a better work-life balance.

3. Blind hiring: The easiest way to minimize bias in the workplace is by instituting a blind process for hiring. Often times it is easy for biases to arise in standard candidate screening and interviewing. By eliminating information on a resume that may reveal demographic data such as: gender, age, race, even alma mater you are limiting biases in the initial screening process. In fact, there is now recruiting software built to automate screening and anonymize candidates. This allows for a more diverse workforce built on merit and eliminates biases made during the early interview process.

4. Gamification: Gamification is a technique that turns employee engagement into a competitive game format. In the hiring process, gamification can be used as a candidate screener, turning tests of skill sets and abilities into fun engagement where candidates can show off to potential employers. Game results provide hiring managers with data that can help predict strengths and weaknesses of candidates.

5. Future-proofing employees: For many, artificial intelligence is replacing repeatable tasks. In 2018, it’s up to employers to look at their workforce and identify those individuals who are willing to embrace different aspects of jobs: management, problem solving, troubleshooting and other areas that require a human element. By planning ahead, this will save the company money as it transitions to computer-driven labor while maximizing those already employed.

With 2018 fast approaching, now is the time to invest in implementing these technology-driven trends to get ahead of the game.

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  1. Robin Joseph

    Blind hiring is one of the blindest thing recruiters are doing in order to save their time. But this puts the company to a one step back. It is a wrong process. Recruiters must take their time and hire the best.


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