Every year, Human Resources experts weigh in on what they see as the biggest trends for the coming year.  With the start of 2018 already behind us, it’s never too late to think about how the workplace is being transformed, what you need to know to adapt, and how to ensure you are retaining and recruiting the right mix of talent.


Here are five trends predicted for 2018:


1. Remote Workforce

The ability to work remotely or have a flexible schedule will increase employee engagement. For many employees, working remotely is ideal and finding a company that offers flexibility can increase their desire to stay long term. For employers, a remote workforce can reduce employee stress and management costs while boosting morale.


2. Employee-Centric Workplaces

With an increase in younger generations entering the workforce, we find the workplace is becoming increasingly casual. In addition, there is a growing emphasis on the value of work-life balance. In fact, some companies now have policies that limit employees from checking email while out of the office and from working while on vacation.


3. Performance Optimization

Organizations are opting for engaging performance consulting rather than traditional performance reviews. New trends show traditional performance reviews that are dated and often times overlooked. Performance Consulting provides regular feedback in real time and can help top performers as well as those who have demonstrated average performance.


4. Dynamic Positions

In the traditional workplace every employee has a clearly defined and assigned position. However, in reality, many employees find themselves doing other tasks that they were not originally hired for. In 2018, we’ll see a more flexible job structure emerge where employees have the opportunity to define their own position that better fits their goals, needs and capabilities.


5. HR Bots

Technology for data collection and analyses are changing the traditional candidate screening and interviewing process. Gamified candidate evaluations, video interviewing and artificial intelligence technology is being used to measure candidate experience and skills.

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