Modern recruiting tools are replacing spreadsheets, email, and job ads to streamline the recruiting process. These modern recruitment tools can support every step of the hiring process, from sourcing candidates and posting jobs to managing resumes and interviews.


According to Wepow, new software tools have emerged that reinvent how companies handle their interview processes. Traditionally the interview process incudes a recruiter reaching out to a candidate to schedule a phone interview, the candidate and recruiter have an unstructured conversation about the candidate’s knowledge of the position, and finally the candidate is passed on to the in-person interview phase.


This unstructured interview style often leads to poor results and bias, as a result, it has led to the emergence of new interviewing software tools that reinvent how companies conduct interviews. These new interviewing tools can be broken down into five leading innovations:


  1. Video Interviewing

Video interviews give hiring teams a complete view of candidates prior to scheduling an in-person interview. This can open the talent pool providing access to top talent located too far away to come in for a traditional interview.


  1. Soft Skills Assessments

The ability to work well with people is key to success in any position. Employers aim to have a better understanding of candidates and their soft skills outside of their resume. Skills assessments can help employers identify and provide feedback on candidate’s top skills and areas where they might improve.


  1. Meeting in Casual Settings

Candidates can be intimidated about being interviewed in company offices. Recruiters are now scheduling to meet candidates in more casual settings to help ease candidate’s nerves. In casual settings candidates can often explain their background and qualifications better. This allows recruiters to get a better sense of a candidate’s character and personality.


  1. Job Auditions

Job auditions allow recruiters to watch candidates work in real time. These trials test candidate abilities in real-world scenarios giving recruiters better insight.


  1. Virtual Reality Assignments

Virtual reality has made its way into recruiting with companies testing candidates by immersing them in simulated 3-D environments. Companies are using virtual reality platforms to evaluate candidates, their approach and ability to solve tasks.


Modern recruiting tools are both expediting and improving the interview process while turning the workforce on its head.

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