It takes a fair amount of work to have a team that is a well-oiled machine, including hiring the right people. Most companies have a rigorous screening process that first identifies candidates with the requisite skills and experience. Where successful hires happen is when the more personal part of the process begins and you get to know the candidates on a deeper level. According to Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, President of Charles Schwab Foundation & Senior Vice President of Charles Schwab, here are five personal qualities to look for in a hire:

Chemistry: When you interview a candidate, be thinking not only about the individual’s strengths, but also about how this individual will fit in with the rest of your team. In a corporate environment, productivity requires teamwork and teamwork requires dedication to a common goal.

Diversity: Another key to a high-achieving team is diversity. This doesn’t just mean age, gender, and ethnicity, but diversity in terms of experience, skills and world view. Success comes when teams expand their horizons and push to think bigger. To achieve this, you have to consider candidates who might not have the “perfect” fit for the job.

Positive attitude: Steer clear of negativity. Look for individuals who are open to what “can be”, not focused on what might go wrong.

Innovation and drive: A prospective team member should be self-motivated, face challenges head-on, and continually seek to learn and grow. People who want to be responsible for and take charge of their own futures.

Maturity: Finally, look for team members who are emotionally mature. People who will work hard and are not willing to waste energy on needless drama.

This might sound like a lot of work, but the time spent is more than worth it in order to get the right candidate both for the new employee and for your team.

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