Finding the right talent is critical for business success, recruiting remains one of the hardest challenges businesses face today. Not to mention, hiring the wrong person is expensive. With the amount of data available about candidates and employees, artificial intelligence (AI) is helping improve talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness. According to Harver, here are 5 fascinating uses of AI in recruitment.


  1. AI-powered assistants (Chatbots)

If there’s one thing various hiring experts agree on for 2018, it’s the use of AI-powered assistants – also known as chatbots – in various parts of the hiring process. The use of chatbots can give applicants feedback, provide regular updates about the status of their application, and answer questions.


  1. AI for building relationships with candidates

Similarly, to above, hiring managers are using AI in recruitment to create better, more human relationships with candidates. AI is used to identify priority or passive candidates and proactively builds relationships, reduces hiring cycles and centralizes hiring data.


  1. Writing the perfect job description

In a world where competition for great talent is high, you want to leave as little to chance as possible, beginning with online job descriptions. The job description is likely the first thing a candidate sees from a company.


Using AI to analyze and predict highly searched keywords that cause some posts to succeed where others don’t increase the accuracy and your chances of crafting the perfect job description.


  1. No more cheating on video

Video interviews are rapidly becoming an integrated part of recruiting. Not only can they save recruiters time, they can also give them a more tangible overall impression of a candidate. Developments in AI are taking things further to detect if a candidate displays any strange behavior like regularly looking away from the screen – which may indicate the use of cue cards – or if there is another voice on the call – which may indicate that the applicant has someone near for help.


  1. Eliminate bias

Whether you like it or not, biases exist in the field of recruitment. But when it comes to recruiting the best possible candidate for the job, we don’t want to be clouded by our own bias. AI is now being used to minimize bias in job posts and make predictions on an applicant’s likelihood to succeed in the role they are applying for.

2018 is a good year to start looking into the available AI options that can help you optimize your recruitment process.

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