Unemployment rates in Arizona are at a record low. The shortage of professional talent in many professions is unheralded and no end is in sight for the next fifteen years. Today’s top candidates are harder to find and are looking for more from a potential employer. It’s vital to keep up with attractive benefits that potential employees will love — this could be the deciding factor that sets your company apart from others.

In addition to a competitive pay here are eight work perks and employee benefits programs that candidates value:

1. Unlimited Paid Time Off
Companies like Virgin Group and Netflix have implemented an UPTO benefit. The rationale is that employees will manage their own time well because it is in the best interest of their careers to do so.

2. Ability to Work Remotely
Young professionals want the ability to work remotely, recent studies have supported the idea that a working from home benefit (for the right people) can increase productivity and decrease stress.

3. Control Over Their Schedule
Allowing employees to create their own schedule provides them with more work-life balance and creates positive culture. Companies that have adopted flexible schedules have seen increased productivity and fewer missed days.

4. Ongoing Performance Assessments
Real-time feedback, performance assessments and professional development opportunities are key to employee engagement. A workplace that adopts a real-time feedback management style will be an engaging place that will be more likely to retain talent.

5. Professional Development
Opportunities for advancement in their careers is highly prized by young professionals. Employers who offer career-pathing or skills development programs is an important benefit when attracting this talent.

6. A Holistic Approach to Wellness
Employees expect more than a gym in the building and on-site health screenings. Today, they are looking for holistic wellness initiatives that include stress management, gym classes, gamification, dietary consultations, mental health support and more.

7. Choice in Employee Benefits
Young professionals want choice in their insurance options in order to customize a program clearly suited to their needs.

8. Lifestyle Solutions
Given the way we live and work, the way work and life are integrated, lifestyle benefits, such as access to dog walkers, child care providers, therapists, and just about anything else have become attractive value adds for employees.

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