The job search process can be frustrating. It is a waiting game – waiting for a phone call or that dreaded generic email that says you weren’t the candidate they were looking for. So what went wrong? Maybe you didn’t do anything wrong or maybe you made a mistake somewhere along the line. According to TheLadders, these 8 reasons might why you were rejected. This is a great opportunity to recognize a possible mistake, learn from it, and snag the next opportunity that comes up!

1. Lack of interpersonal skills.
While your resume might be sparkling, looking good on paper isn’t always the only thing companies consider in the hiring process. Hiring managers are often times also looking for someone they believe will fit well at the company too. If you are someone who has a hard time in social situations and dreads small talk, then this might be a very real reason you have been rejected in the past. Try doing mock interviews with friends, this could be the solution you’re looking for.

2. You didn’t talk about your achievements.
Potential employers want to know how and what you contributed to past companies. What have you accomplished in your last three positions? Your resume is where you want to sell yourself and list all of these accomplishments.

3. Someone else had connections.
A great way to get an “in” at a company is through your network. When a hiring manager is looking to hire someone, and gets a recommendation from someone they know, they are more likely to consider that person than a stranger. Knowing someone can be the difference between landing that job or being rejected.

4. You were too eager or arrogant.
There is a fine line between eager, confident and arrogant. In your interview you want to come across as interested in the position, but not overly so. On the flipside, being too confident, can lead the hiring manager to think you aren’t taking the interview seriously.

5. You revealed your weaknesses.
“What do you consider your greatest weakness?” question will come up during an interview so it is important to be prepared to address it in the best way possible. Don’t give any false answers, like being too organized or too punctual. The hiring manager will be able to see right through this. Instead, be honest, while also sharing how you are working to improve on your weaknesses.

6. You have a bad online presence.
Whether you want to believe it or not, employers are looking you up online. You LinkedIn profile, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, or other social media outlets should be professional and squeaky clean, even if it isn’t business related.

7. You don’t work there already.
Companies like to fill open positions from within when possible. This could mean promoting someone from an entry-level position to a management role or moving people around from other departments. These people have already had an opportunity to prove themselves.

8. Your resume is too long.
Your resume should be your elevator pitch, short, simple, and to the point. It should include only the information that is important to the job you are applying for. According to TheLadders, on average hiring managers only spend about 6 seconds reviewing your resume. In that 6 seconds you want them to see what makes you the best candidate for the job.

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