Administrative Professional


Administrative Professionals are behind every successful business. Today we want to recognize the work of administrative assistants, secretaries, receptionists and other administrative support professionals. Because, let’s face it, without the hardworking administrative professionals on our teams we probably wouldn’t be nearly as organized or successful.

Join us in thanking and appreciating the Administrative Professional in your life. You might be surprised how much a simple thank-you can help a coworker realize you care about them and the work they do.

Start today, Administrative Professionals Day, and thank your hard working, dedicated Administrative Professional.

Whether you are an administrative assistant supporting an executive, a group, a project or a combination of all three, you are key to the success and impact of your company! The support you provide day in and day out is a big part of making your company successful.

Thank you for:

• Finding solutions too many challenges before they ever have a chance to reach your managers ‘To Do list.
• What you do on a daily basis to help team members and their respective projects succeed.
• Tracking the timeliness and accuracy of project and client deliverables.
• Carefully reviewing communication, contracts, spreadsheets and presentations.
• Answering the never ending questions about policies and procedures.
• Managing the details and logistics for important meetings and travel arrangements.
• Being the subject matter expert for the software, forms and approvals needed to accomplish a given task.
• Going above and beyond when you are tired and overwhelmed and didn’t feel you had any more to give.
• The sacrifices you’ve made to assure that staff and projects had the information they needed.

You are appreciated today and all year! Thank you again for all you do, and happy Administrative Professionals day!

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