Most workers spend about 8.8 hours a week in meetings. At the Director level, time spent in meetings goes up to an average of 10.4 hours a week, according to a Zoom survey. Since Google’s 2018 keynote, we’ve seen a growth in AI and augmented reality (AR) technology. 73% of people surveyed by Zoom believe AI software will have a positive impact on their work place. This new technology will allow employees to work on more important and interesting tasks. Here are three ways AI will change the workplace.

  1. Note taking will become a thing of the past

Voice-to-text transcription AI products can take notes during video meetings. This leaves employees free to concentrate on what’s being said or shown. AI technology is sophisticated enough to identify each different speaker in the meeting. It then transcribes and analyzes the meeting for certain key words or ideas. Imagine a meeting where you don’t miss a comment or important idea. Think how convenient it’d be to replay or read a transcript of what was said. Companies will never miss a beat again!

  1. Video conferencing is stepping up its game

Video conferencing companies are offering solutions that use AR to share and manipulate 3-D virtual holograms in real time and allow others to interact with them as well. Now customers can see 3-D versions of your product as you conduct a video conference. Other AI software products are offering AR based applications that lets prospective buyers see how their product might look. For example, the popular e-commerce company, Wayfair, has taken this technology so customers can see how their furniture will look in their home or office.

  1. AI will increase productivity in hiring

New AI software offers different resume and candidate scanning, tracking, sorting and follow-up tools. These tools have cut back on the time it takes to identify the correct candidate, engage with them, interview and hire. Predictions say that AI recruiter will deliver a 144% increase in recruiter productivity.

Over 65% of people think AI will save them at least one hour of work a week from busy work according to Forbes. Artificial Intelligence might seem far away, but the truth is that it is already all around us. Many common facets to life are AI driven including, the smart phone map apps that calculate traffic into which route one should take, commercial airlines that flying planes on autopilot, software that checks for plagiarism — even spam filters on email are artificial intelligence. As we embrace AI technology and expand its capabilities, the workforce will adapt to new technologies.


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