Discussing salary during an interview can sometimes be intimidating, but if you come prepared, time it right and take cues from the employer you can avoid an awkward interview. According to CareerBuilder here are a few general rules to consider when bringing up salary in an interview:

Bringing up salary in interviewTime it right
Don’t take the focus away from convincing the company that you are the best person for the job by bringing up salary too early in the hiring process. Instead wait until you have an offer before broaching the subject.

Let the employer do the asking
If you’re unsure about when or how to ask about salary and other types of compensation, it’s usually best to let the employer take the lead. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for the conversation. Oftentimes recruiters will ask about salary requirements as a way to weed out candidates who are not in line with what the company is willing to pay.

Have a range in mind
If the topic arises, answer questions about desired salary with a range. This covers you from throwing out a specific number that’s either too high for them or lower than what they had in mind.

Know your worth
You should always know what you’re worth. This allows you to be prepared to defend your desired salary if the opportunity to negotiate arises. Even if salary isn’t brought up, consider framing your work in terms of how much time or money was saved by accomplishing your goals.

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