Job seekers are demanding companies start to build transparency during the application phase. We live in a time where consumers easily track every step in a delivery process from a mobile device. Most job seekers today believe building transparency is imperative to the hiring process. Build transparency during the hiring process will alleviate one of the biggest pain points for job seekers today.


The trends this year show more employers providing transparency in their application process. This is done in the hopes of making online job searching less like submitting resumes into a black hole, and more like the user-friendly process of tracking a package. Candidates will have the ability to check the progress of their application, get information on next steps, and browse information about the role and company.


It may not be possible to develop an end-to-end application tracking system that your candidates can monitor, but you can build more transparency into your hiring process by following these three steps:


  1. Put Yourself in Your Candidates’ Shoes

Take a step back and examine your process from the outside. Are there steps that, as a candidate, you would find frustrating or unnecessary? Would you be satisfied with the speed of your responses? Don’t keep candidates hanging. Make sure candidates get a response, period.


  1. Establish Clear Expectations

From the beginning, lay out the steps in your hiring process with candidates. End every conversation or interaction with the candidate understanding exactly what the next step in the process is and when they’ll hear from someone.


  1. Be Proactive and Follow Up

Adhere to your own timeline and get in touch before a candidate reaches back out to you for an update. Checking in regularly can also keep competitive candidates warm and ensure that you don’t lose them to another opportunity.


In the current recruiting world, when you build transparency it is worth almost as much to candidates as getting the job, itself.

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