Career Advice for Young Professionals: 5 Tips

Young professionals bring sincerity and open-mindedness to the workplace. Ian Read, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Pfizer and LindkedIn contributor, provided some career advice to a group of Pfizer interns that applies to all who are just starting out.

1. Understand your strengths and pursue the kind of work you enjoy.
This self-awareness will put you well ahead of your peers and help you discern what you will be successful in doing.
Career Advice

2. Broaden your experience early on.
It is important to be an expert in a specific area, but it’s also important to diversify your skillset in the beginning of your career. This will provide more opportunities for you as your career advances and greater value to your employers.

3. Take risks while you’re young.
Consider taking jobs that others are hesitant to take. Not only are these roles likely to be challenging, but they’re also likely to be the most rewarding.

4. Your initial job choices do not limit your future opportunities.
At the beginning of your career, explore all of your options. Even if a position doesn’t quite fit with your ultimate career vision, don’t rule it out. Diversity in your first few positions will not limit your options later in your career. Instead it might help you.

5. Own your career decisions.
Whatever career you choose, know that it is up to you to shape and build it. Building your career is the ultimate personal-professional responsibility, and it is a skill leaders look for and value.

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