Keep your Career on Track with a Check-up

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Have you sat down and seriously thought about your career lately? You may be caught up in the day-to-day work and beginning to lose sight of your long-term goals, or maybe your job is beginning to lose its appeal and it is time to reassess your goals. Whatever the reason, The Ladders suggests using the below list to give your career a mid-year check-up to make sure you’re on track.

Revisit your goals
As our lives change, so do our career aspirations and what you thought you wanted at the beginning of your career, or last year, may not be the same as today. Spend some time this week and reevaluate your long term career goals.

Revise your action plan
Once you have identified your long term career goals, break them down into smaller actionable items you can pursue over the remaining six months of the year. What can you do over the next few months that will help you build a foundation to pursue your goals in the years to come?

Update your resume
Take stock of what you have accomplished in the last six months. Regardless of your career plans, it’s important to maintain an updated resume. Have you taken on any new responsibilities or projects, made any major contributions? If so, add them!

Monitor your online presence
Regularly monitor your online brand because you can expect prospective clients, employees and hiring managers will be looking at your online presence first. Use this opportunity to protect your personal accounts and update any outdated professional profiles to align with your current resume and career goals.

Learn something new
In an effort to continue to grow professionally and personally it is important to seek out new development opportunities. This could be as easy as registering to attend an industry or position related annual conference, watching a relevant webinar, or being strategic about your summer reading list.

Scope out the market
Even if you may be satisfied in your current position, it is important to keep an eye on the job market and their competition. This is also a great opportunity to research your market value before you negotiate your next raise or promotion.

Combine work and play
Don’t let your networking activities slow down in the nice summer months. Instead use every barbeque, baseball game, and beach party as an opportunity to network.

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