8 Creative Employee Benefits to Drive Your Recruiting Efforts


Unemployment rates in Arizona are at a record low. The shortage of professional talent in many professions is unheralded and no end is in sight for the next fifteen years. Today’s top candidates are harder to find and are looking for more from a potential employer. It’s vital to keep up with attractive benefits that… Read more »

The Benefits of Trading in Business Suits


Starting in the 1990’s businesses began instituting relaxed dress codes. “Casual Friday” started as a sales technique in Hawaii, the Hawaiian garment industry was trying to sell more shirts, the idea was to encourage Hawaiian business to let their employees wear Hawaiian shirts to the office once a week. The mainland adapted this trend as… Read more »

Low Unemployment Means Employers Can’t Fill Positions


low unemployment

The U.S. unemployment rate is at the lowest level since 2001. Rumor has it the U.S. could be inching toward “full employment,” a time in which employers can’t find any more available, qualified workers to fill open positions. Despite the low unemployment level, a new study from CareerBuilder found that 76% of full-time, employed workers… Read more »

Team Focus: 4 Tips to Effectively Restructure a Team for Efficiency



Traditionally, companies tend to focus on work-life balance, employee engagement, and diversity to create culture. However, in recent years, there has been a shift to reorganize companies to improve speed, time to market, and efficiency. There is a team focus. According to Forbes, 92% of global organizations see organizational restructure as a critical priority. Nearly… Read more »

Recruiting with Virtual Reality



Manufacturers Appeal to Millennials into the Workplace with Virtual Reality Manufacturers across the U.S. are working to rebrand manufacturing as a high-tech industry full of opportunity. A labor shortage looms ahead for manufacture as more and more of the senior workforce retires, and the need for millennials to step into manufacturing roles increases. Manufacturers are… Read more »

The Annual Review Has Been Replaced


Annual Review

Top employers have started abandoning the annual review process in favor of continuous or real-time reviews to provide employees with an assessment of their performance. As businesses focus on teams and become less hierarchical, many are streamlining annual reviews and using software to encourage constant feedback and coaching. According to a recent LinkedIn article, the… Read more »

Millennials in the Workplace: Meet Gen Z.


Millennials in the workplace

The next generation to join Millennials in the workplace has been coined “Generation Z” or “Gen Z.” Gen Z refers to the group of people born after the Millennial generation. Generation Z represents the 23 million Americans born between 1994 and 2010, ages 7 to 23 years old. This year, the first group of Gen… Read more »

Exit Interviews – Last Words Spoken


exit interviews - your final words

Exit interviews are a valuable tool for organizational improvement, usually involving a meeting between management or a human resources representative and the individual leaving the organization. They are also valuable to the exiting employee and offer a platform to articulate insights and feedback. It is important to be just as professional, well-mannered and well-spoken in… Read more »

Thank You Administrative Professionals


Administrative Professional

Administrative Professionals are behind every successful business. Today we want to recognize the work of administrative assistants, secretaries, receptionists and other administrative support professionals. Because, let’s face it, without the hardworking administrative professionals on our teams we probably wouldn’t be nearly as organized or successful. Join us in thanking and appreciating the Administrative Professional in… Read more »