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Three Easy Ways Human Resources can Help the Candidate Experience

I remember a client of mine commenting once, she hoped she never had to look for a job for herself because she had turned so many people down for employment, they would surely return the favor. She was joking, and she wasn’t joking.

In truth, I had long observed that her company, had a punishing application and interview process that candidates resented. Often the best candidates for the job abandoned the application and interview process early on. Candidates need for information was shrugged off as of secondary importance while they were subjected to lengthy abstract questioning in preliminary interviews. Recruiting partners were scripted to obtain information but didn’t enroll the candidates in the process.Time and again they lost excellent people.

Candidates require key information to engage in a recruitment and screening process. To get the best ones keep in mind that recruitment is a two-way street. Your company has an employment brand built with every interaction and communication. Your job applicant makes a choice to buy it – to continue at every stage of assessment and selection. Offer information about your company, its culture, its values, and its commitment to customers. And take time early in your interaction to allow the applicant to ask their questions about the position and your company.

Candidates have free will and choice about where they spend their time in their job searches. Help them identify your company as one they want to learn about.

A recent study found that 60% of job seekers have had a poor experience while they were a candidate for employment. A poor candidate experience can lead to a decreased applicant pool and an increase in negative employer reviews on sites such as or in social media. As a result, it is essential that companies take a proactive approach to ensure that applicants enjoy a quality experience regardless of the end result.

According to FORBES, many human resource executives will be looking to improve the candidate experience at all stages of the recruiting process this year. There are three ways that human resources can improve their candidate experience and in return receive higher quality and more engaged applicants.

1. Redesign your online Application forms
Oftentimes a candidate’s experience becomes negative as soon as they enter the job application form. Deterred by requirements for details they may not have at hand. Although it’s important for employers to get the information they need to make an informed decision, an initial application form should be designed with a focus on its usability for the applicant. This can be achieved by shortening the application, making it mobile friendly and regarding it as an initial tool for high level intake. Greater detail can be garnered at a later stage. Companies who do these few things will obtain a larger pool of quality candidates at the top of the funnel.

2. Human Resources can set the candidate’s expectations for your recruitment process – it is part of your employment brand
Setting clear expectations for candidates and delineating each step of the hiring process is beneficial for both the applicant and employer. Candidate intake, interviews, site visits, and introduction to team members are all part of your company culture. The more equipped a candidate is, the more they can focus on their fit with the role and the appeal your company brand holds for them. Consider offering an accessible asset and content on your company website that details the history, culture and hiring process. If you engage in multiple meetings ahead of a hiring decision, explain that as a benefit in making a career choice. This equips candidates with company knowledge and a clear hiring path to follow throughout the process.

3. Improve Communication
Many companies are falling short in one key area of the hiring process; communication with applicants. Applicants who are left in the dark are unlikely to apply for another position in the future. ’Forgotten’ candidates tell their friends, family, and professional network about their dissatisfaction with their experience. In a business world that is built on networks of professional contacts, this can be harmful to a business employment brand. Consider implementing technology during the hiring process that automates email follow-up messages to those that are not qualified. At a minimum, thank candidates for their time and leave the door open for future opportunities.

Human Resources can facilitate these three steps and move in the right direction in terms of candidate experience.

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