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Your Ideal Job is Out There!

It is common for hiring managers to ask applicants why they want to work for their company during an interview. With this in mind, consider taking some time to research a potential employer before heading out for your interview with them. Doing your research beforehand will not only help you answer this question, but also ensure your dream job isn’t actually a nightmare.

According to Tess Pajaron, TheLadders Guest Contributor, there are a few things you’ll want to find out before an interview:

What The Company Does
No one wants to work for a company whose products or services are not aligned with their personal values and interests. Spend some time on a company’s ‘ABOUT US’ page to learn more about what they do. Oftentimes a company’s name doesn’t clearly reflect what they do. Your ideal company should not conflict with your values.

Why They Do It
A company’s mission can provide you with valuable insight into their values and inspire you further to become a part of their team. Understanding their mission and referencing in your interview will set you apart from your competition. The culture of your ideal company is very important to you — make sure you understand theirs before you interview!

Current Events
Make yourself aware of what is going on with a company by sifting through their social media pages and searching through news coverage. This can reveal information about the type of culture they have as well as recent accomplishments or challenges which you may reference in your interview.

Know Yourself

Take the time to define your ideal company for the sake of your own career satisfaction. Don’t just apply to available jobs but research and identify companies you would like to be a part of. Much information is available online. Take the time to find the right place for you.

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