Many people find it easy to recommend or sell a product or idea, but struggle to promote themselves. Identifying your strengths and knowing your value can help you overcome this struggle and allow you to promote yourself confidently and professionally. According to TheLadders, these five tips will help you sell yourself at your next job interview.

1. Remove the Emotions.
Depersonalize the process of self-promotion and instead think of yourself as a product or investment. Make your pitch about what you can do and how you can benefit the company.

2. Know the Facts.
Know the evidences of your success and build your pitch around these facts. Be prepared to give specific examples of when you innovated to save a company time or money. Make a list of how past companies have benefited from your expertise and use this to show how you intend to add value to the company.

3. Know Your “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP).
Think through your unique qualities and brand yourself that way. Dive deep into your personal brand and develop your USP by answering the question “What distinguishes you from other candidates?”

4. Examine Your Endorsements.
Take note of the praise you have received from past leaders and colleagues and use this to help strengthen your confidence in sharing what you bring to the table.

5. Practice Your Presentation.
Practice makes perfect! Rehearse your presentation and go over the skills that make you highly valuable to the company. Make sure to clearly show evidence to support these claims using numbers and specific examples.

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