Because thriving, happy employees are better employees — they are more engaged in their work, are more loyal to their employers, and more meaningfully contribute to their organizations’ goals.

Employers traditionally have been focused on the success of their employees in the workplace. But today’s employees, across generations, are seeking fulfillment across their work, personal lives, and relationships. Thriving in today’s fast-changing, always-on world — a world where work and life have the potential to blend like never before — sometimes leaves people feeling overwhelmed or like they are falling short in one or both areas.

Employers are beginning to recognize this struggle. To better compete for and manage talent, they understand they need to value employees’ whole selves and individuality. They are also recognizing that employees need the flexibility and support to not only manage, but enrich their lives — to find greater stability, purpose, and growth both personally and professionally.

If employers expect their organizations to thrive, they not only need to rethink the experiences they are creating for employees inside the workplace, but also how they are supporting employees outside of it.

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