According to Talent Now, 90% of all American adults own a cell phone of some kind. With the successful adoption and increased usage of smartphones across the globe, there is incredible untapped potential for recruiters to connect with this massive audience of potential job seekers in new ways.

Professional recruiters and hiring managers are adopting this new trend of mobile recruiting at an increasing rate. They are exploring the power of mobile communication and leveraging it in the recruitment process.

Social media and mobile technology go hand-in-hand; recruiters who adapt to this change in communication will receive considerable benefits. Utilizing this form of communication will attract a new pool of talented candidates. Recruitment software providers who offer mobile recruiting solutions will also get more attention from recruiters.

What is mobile recruiting?

Mobile recruiting is when hiring managers search for candidates using mobile job descriptions, mobile career sites and/or mobile recruitment applications. Hiring managers can easily manage the recruitment process on-the-go using a mobile device to post internal feedback, communicate with candidates and schedule interviews.

According to Talent Now here are significant mobile recruiting trends this year:

1. Providing a valuable mobile recruitment experience is key

Expect organizations to deliver relevant content to the right candidates through mobile devices to encourage them to engage and create a favorable impression of the company brand.

2. Mobile job search will be the preferred source of recruiting candidates

There has been an increase in mobile device usage with more and more people searching and applying for jobs on the go. Expect this trend to increase with candidates resorting to mobile to conduct their job search.

3. The integration of social media and mobile recruitment will provide an impactful candidate experience.

Expect social media and mobile platforms to become even more interdependent on each other. Especially with the rise of millennials in the workforce, social sharing will become a significant part of their day-to-day.

4. Career web pages should be as mobile responsive as a corporate website.

Optimizing web pages for mobile are key to attracting candidates who already have jobs. Expect organizations to enhance their career sites to be as responsive as their corporate website.


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