Taking on a new role and challenge in a new company is very exciting. There are sure to be surprises, challenges and victories as you settle into the job and continue building your career.

Remember a new job is a fresh start and an opportunity to bring out a new dimension of who you are. Always try to be your best and remember, this job isn’t just about you, but also about the company and team you are joining. According to Beth Comstock, CMO at GE, here are some things to consider as you navigate those early months at a new job.

Find a way to express your individuality. As you strive to fit in and adapt to the company’s needs, don’t forget that you don’t have to give up your identity in the process. Your company hired you because your skill set, background, and personality filled a specific need they had.

Ask good questions. The best way to learn to do something or what’s expected of you is to ask questions. Try summarizing assignments with your leader to ensure you have understood the project correctly.

Give yourself a few months of being the new kid until you feel like you’ve got it. This is just to say that at some point you have to show that you’ve grasped the basics of the job.

Make your boss and team look good. Remember that your job is to deliver success, and no one can do that alone. In successful teams the good contributors rise to the top of the heap.

Be confident. Remind yourself that you were hired for a reason. Go into your new company with a shortened version of your history. Be sure to include what you do, your career background and why you’re excited to be working in your new role.

Take on the challenging assignments. This is your opportunity to learn, grow and set yourself apart. Especially when you first get started, it’s important that you show examples of what you are capable of.

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