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A few months ago, the world as we know it was turned upside down. The coronavirus swept across the world and upended how people interact with each other in all aspects of their lives: school, work, leisure, shopping—everything. No matter when the COVID19 pandemic is declared “officially” over, its far-reaching effects will be felt for a long time. This issue of HR Insights focuses on the theme “Navigating Our New Normal” and includes strategies for helping companies (and their employees) weather the current crisis.

  • In “How HR Can Support Companies in Times of Crisis,” Jessica Miller-Merrell describes how human resources professionals and departments are uniquely positioned to guide organizations through troubling times.
  • Ed Frauenheim (“Learning to Love Telecommuting”) examines what is perhaps one of the biggest changes to hit the business world in the wake of the pandemic’s arrival: the shift to working remotely.
  • And Mike McKerns (“What Will Become the “Regular” Normal?”) raises one significant question: what happens to the unprecedented number of remote workers once the pandemic ends?

With the COVID-19 situation evolving day by day, it’s impossible to predict what the business world will look like tomorrow, much less a few months from now. But one thing is certain: we can help your organization identify and implement solutions for charting a course through the uncertain waters ahead.


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