We are excited to welcome Anne O’Keefe, the newest addition to our RPG family! Anne is not just the friendly face at the front desk, she is also the schedule master and the queen of candidate files. She keeps us on track and makes sure we have everything we need to ensure a smooth on-boarding process once an offer is made. Keep reading to learn more about her!

IMG_0114What was your very first job? Well, as the second oldest of 10 children, I feel like my very first job was babysitting and/or entertaining my younger brothers and sisters. However, my first paying job was as a sales clerk at Amling’s Flower Shop in Naperville, IL.

What skills and/or experience are you bringing to Renaissance? : Experience in Staffing, International Project Management, Customer Service, Training (development and delivery), Human Resources, Office Administration and Management, and of course, selling flowers (see first job).

Why did you choose to work at Renaissance? I was looking for temp work a year and a half ago and found Renaissance on the internet. They placed me in a great job, and I was delighted with both the ease of placement and with the friendly and highly professional staff. When I was looking for temp work again, I immediately came back to Renaissance – it never occurred to me to go anywhere else, and my second experience was even better than the first!

What are you most looking forward to here? I am so happy and I feel so lucky to be part of an organization that I admire, and I know that I am working for a company that is the best in the business.

What are your hobbies? Papercrafting, scrapbooking, reading

Do you have any pets? English Springer Spaniel named Tina and a black cat named Zoe (often referred to by my friends and family as my “imaginary friend” since she loves only me and hides whenever other people are around).

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you. I lived in France for a year when I was younger. I went to college there and then spent the following summer as a nanny for a French family with two little girls.

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