Manufacturers Appeal to Millennials into the Workplace with Virtual Reality
Manufacturers across the U.S. are working to rebrand manufacturing as a high-tech industry full of opportunity. A labor shortage looms ahead for manufacture as more and more of the senior workforce retires, and the need for millennials to step into manufacturing roles increases. Manufacturers are rethinking traditional recruiting methods to attract younger people to their companies. The rebrand efforts will aim to fill two million manufacturing jobs by 2025.

This has proven to be a difficult task for the manufacturing sector thus far. Studies show millennials find big technology firms such as Google, Facebook, and Apple to be appealing. This is mostly due to the idea that these companies offer a more enticing work environment. Millennials are unaware of the benefits to working in modern manufacturing.

The millennial generation use smartphones to access the internet and watch videos on a greater scale than previous generations. Recruiting millennials, is different and manufacturers are trying to meet them where they are. Turning to mobile devices and video to introduce their companies.

Manufactures are also using a cutting-edge tool, virtual reality, to attract young talent and dispel the perception that manufacturing is outdated. Recruiters are using virtual reality at career fairs to screen candidates and allow millennials to experience the manufacturers technology in a way that would otherwise be inaccessible. Manufacturing is full of cutting-edge technology and the industry highlights this to peak millennials’ interests.

By leveraging new innovations like virtual reality, manufacturers are showing the most tech focused generation opportunities they may not have been aware of. Manufacturers are hopeful the rebrand efforts will be effective meeting their needs for labor.

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