Remote CMO jobs are the latest job to go viral. An increasingly digital workplace is extending the workforce beyond the walls of the office. In fact, according to FlexJobs, approximately 56% of U.S. workers hold jobs that could easily be transitioned to a remote based system. Among these are marketing positions.

As marketing efforts move online it’s not surprising that more and more CMOs jobs are turning to virtual management.

The benefits of a virtual office go beyond the freedom of telecommuting. According to a recent Forbes survey, when responding to the question “how happy are you at work,” telecommuters responded with an average of 8.10, compared to the average 7.42 response from traditional workers. Telecommuters reported believing they are more productive, have more effective communication with their leaders and feel more valued overall.

Virtual offices are changing how marketing leaders execute their responsibilities and manage a team to incorporate new ideas no longer confined by brick and mortar.

CMO job responsibilities tend to have a hand in just about every level of marketing operation. Their involvement in day-to-day operations makes it difficult for CMOs to envision themselves working remotely. In fact, according to Time, CMOs work an average of 10-12 hour days with a few hours logged on the weekends, too. Much of this time is spent simply managing and responding to office communications, leaving little time to do actual work. However, telecommuting can increase productivity and decreases travel, allowing for more time spent on the work that actually matters.

Having the right players in place also impacts a team’s effectiveness.  Businesses who hire the right talent for the job create the potential for enormous growth. Because virtual CMO jobs are no longer limited to hiring from small, commutable geographic areas, companies can invest in the best and brightest.

When it comes to the pros of CMO’s working virtually, improved work-life balance, greater productivity, and unlimited growth potential are just the beginning.

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