You hire people, not resumes.

We like to say that a resume is as flat as a piece of paper. Finding the right fit is uncovered through in-depth interviewing, reference checks with past employers, and utilization of assessments that highlight individual behaviors and motivators. At Renaissance Personnel Group, we go beyond simple screening and testing to help you understand the potential of each individual.

Behavior and Motivator Assessments provide insight as you evaluate candidates during your hiring process. They also provide coaching tools in working with the teams you manage.

We work with your leadership team to benchmark the job – a process that determines the attributes and behaviors of those who will be most successful in a given role.

The results are:

  • Better fit for the job
  • Increased retention
  • Lower hiring and training costs
  • Improved efficiency and productivity

Hiring the right people is complex. We make it simpler. Contact us.