Traditionally, companies tend to focus on work-life balance, employee engagement, and diversity to create culture. However, in recent years, there has been a shift to reorganize companies to improve speed, time to market, and efficiency. There is a team focus.

According to Forbes, 92% of global organizations see organizational restructure as a critical priority. Nearly half of companies are either in the middle of a restructure or planning one. However, only 14% of executives believe their company is ready to redesign their organization and build cross-functional teams. Team focus is imparitive.

Here are 4 tips for companies to effectively restructure their teams:

1. Break down silos
When an organization operates in silos, innovation suffers. Companies have shifted focus to bring departments together and encourage communication. Many companies have started investing in operation infrastructures. This helps to break down communication discord between departments and allows teams to quickly identify connections between activities and desired outcomes.

It’s also key to move employees around. When people find themselves in a new position they bring valuable expertise and knowledge with them.

2. Focus on Mission and Culture
Companies should look to organize teams around mission, product, market, or an integrated customer need rather than business functions. This will empower teams to make decisions that are consistent with goals and overall mission.

3. Move away from top-down management
Today, the most productive people will create the most value by both generating and executing their ideas. This type of employee demands a different approach to management to drive competitiveness and company success. Many companies are adopting flatter, more autonomous structures that operate under empowerment and alignment with greater agility and velocity.

4. Foster a culture of sharing and feedback
Reorganizing a company creates many transitional phases, if you want your organization to succeed, it’s important to establish a culture of sharing. Top companies are top companies because they consistently search for new ways to make their best even better. Consider creating specific roles to help facilitate cross-team communication and problem-solving.

Restructuring an organization is a major task. To succeed, focus on connecting people, communicating the mission, and encouraging people to share. A team focus builds on internal success.

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