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Lauren Crider, Vice President of Renaissance Personnel Group, and Deborah Johnson, Producer at High-Stakes Communication, will discuss best practice for digital interviews and how to bring your best self to the screen.


About Deborah:

Deborah is a six-time EMMY Award-winning writer and producer.  Her Masters Degree in Cognitive Psychology and Television Production from the University of Washington, combined with a rich history of experience, gives her unique insights into what highly diverse audiences perceive and how to communicate to them effectively.   She applies a lifetime of experience to preparing professionals, experts and lay people for high-stakes situations.  Whether that’s in the courtroom, boardroom or in front of the media, when there’s a lot on the line Deborah knows that every word, every inflection, every gesture is critical to success.  Deborah is a sought-after national and international speaker.  She has been teaching and training for over 30 years.  She practices what she teaches.  Her presentations are visually interesting, intellectually engaging, and packed with real-life stories of success and failure.


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