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Fine-Tuning the “New Normal” for Your Workforce

Before March of 2020, it was business as usual for much of the country. Then, seemingly in an instant, we have nearly the entire country working from home. Online video conferencing tools like Zoom and GoToMeeting have become more essential than ever and you are now settling into what many are calling the “new normal”. In our hour together, I will share some of the things that you must be doing to maintain communication and accountability. And, quite frankly, if you are not already in line you are way behind the curve. We will then dive into how you can fine-tune all of the new tools and processes you’re using to manage your workforce because for many companies this new normal may just be normal a year from now.


In this webinar you will learn:

  • Remote interviewing, pre-boarding and onboarding best practices
  • How you can you keep a remote workforce engaged and accountable
  • Tools to develop and/or reskill your workforce
  • How to reward or highlight team/individual success/performance in a virtual environment