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Drew Saenz, Founding Director of Team Up Health and Fitness, will discuss the stress of employment and it’s affect on the body as well as the mental health benefits of physical activity.

Whether you are experiencing stress from unemployment and the job search or stress from your current position, this webinar will give you actionable items to help maintain your health- mentally and physically.


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About Drew:

Drew Saenz is passionate about helping others achieve a better state of health through education, action and accountability. Drew often says, ‘without those three elements, nothing changes’.

After embarking on his own health journey, he felt his personal experience could benefit other people in need of a coach who has been where they are. Drew, a former college athlete himself, already had collegiate football coaching experience, as well as an Exercise and Wellness degree from Arizona State.

After graduating, Drew decided to utilize his avid speaking skills and extensive fitness and wellness knowledge to pursue his passion. He began by working with individuals of all ages to improve their health through lifestyle changes and nutrition programs. Although he loved the work, he saw an opportunity to help even more people in the corporate world. Drew became a certified specialist after being introduced to the National Corporate Fitness Institute. He now focuses solely on creating solutions to assist companies of all sizes improve employee health. Both Drew’s experience, and zeal for health, shows through the results yielded by his dedicated clients.


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Phone: 480-793-4882


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